Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jordan's Christmas Cookie Adventure

Tonight, while making enchiladas as a family, Jordan decided she was going to make cookies from a recipe that was on a kitchen towel that I received as a Christmas present last year...They were Christmas Tree Cookies and they turned out GREAT! She got out all of the ingredients, followed the directions perfectly, rolled and cut them out, baked them and then we all decorated our own... She was so cute trying to get everything measured out proud of her! After we were done, we decided to take some to the Dille's (along with Daisy dressed up as SANTA!) ...Jana is always sharing her delicious homemade chocolate chips cookies with us (we eat every single one by the end of the good!) and so we knew that we should definitely take some to their family :) Once we got home, she was so great at cleaning everything up and could tell she was so happy with herself...what a great night!


  1. they were seriously good, i want the recipe!! I texted her and told her:)

  2. So glad they turned out...I will write it down off of my kitchen towel lol :) Thanks for sending her a message!