Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Time in Randy's Coaching History...

Last night during Randy's game against Snow College, he received two technicals! Thus being kicked out of the game and not being able to coach today's game against SLC... I've seen Randy get mad during a game and this was definitely not one of those games that he should've been T'd up for being out of control :) The CSI girls were able to pull out the win at the last minute with a bucket by Maddy Plunkett (which I think was due to them wanting to win it for Randy) but it sure was a nail biter! SLC is one of the bigger games of the year, so I knew that for him not being able to be there to coach against crazy Betsy would be very difficult for him and definitely a tough game for his girls... They didn't win but they did prove that their only getting better! Way to go Coach B and Coach Nichols! and finally...honey, no more T's!!

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