Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Cheer Competition of 2009-2010 Season

Today was officially the first cheer competition of the 2009-2010 season in Hailey, ID... This year, both Kyla and Jordan are cheering for the Magic Valley Eagles Senior squad and were so ready for this day to come... Their only competition for Level 3 was against the Soldier Mountain All-Stars and it sure was interesting... Kyla has known for the last couple of months that her coaches were wanting her to pull a back tuck in her tumbling pass and just about 45 minutes before the comp started, she landed it PERFECTLY! After a long morning of the girls warming up, the competition finally began and I was so excited to see Kyla compete for the first time and to see Jordan do what she is so great at! Their turn eventually came up and their performance was AMAZING...they stuck everything! Jordan stuck every stunt, had the most incredible basket toss and her facial expressions are priceless... Kyla pulled her tuck, got great air, and landed it beautifully... I was so incredibly proud and excited for them and can't wait to see it again! They did end up with second all I have to say is that cheerleading is definitely judged solely by opinion :( (because our girls knocked the socks off the competition!)

On a side note...probably my favorite part of the day is when we returned home, Jordan spent most of the evening cheering in front of us in the living room ;) unfortunately she hurt her knee doing flips onto the couch :( I'm sure she won't be doing again anytime soon!

Turned out to be a great day!

First Time in Randy's Coaching History...

Last night during Randy's game against Snow College, he received two technicals! Thus being kicked out of the game and not being able to coach today's game against SLC... I've seen Randy get mad during a game and this was definitely not one of those games that he should've been T'd up for being out of control :) The CSI girls were able to pull out the win at the last minute with a bucket by Maddy Plunkett (which I think was due to them wanting to win it for Randy) but it sure was a nail biter! SLC is one of the bigger games of the year, so I knew that for him not being able to be there to coach against crazy Betsy would be very difficult for him and definitely a tough game for his girls... They didn't win but they did prove that their only getting better! Way to go Coach B and Coach Nichols! and finally...honey, no more T's!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Adventures in Babysitting

Tonight was Bunco night for my friend Jana, so we were excited when she asked us to watch the twins and baby Kaden... Of course Miss Macy made me laugh quite a bit...the best line of the night was when I was watching Monsters, Inc. with her and one of the monsters said "The factory is going down the toilet" and she turned to me and said "That's crazy! the factory is in the toilet!" I laughed out loud on that one.... Brady was so cute as well, that boy sure loves Oreos! It kept him happy... I felt terrible though because she puts the baby down at 8:30 but after about 10 minutes of crying, Randy had to get him out of bed :) the poor thing was sooo tired! Hope he sleeps well and we didn't ruin the baby schedule... we are in teenage mode in our house so we were a bit rusty with the baby lol... it was a great night and can't wait for the next time! We sure do love those kids....

What was I thinking?

It has officially been 4 days of no caffeine and I'm actually doing better than expected...well, until I was running errands today! After picking up Randy's prescriptions, I was heading home while talking to my mom and after about 10 minutes I ended up in the Stinker Station parking lot and not in my garage! This use to be a ritual for me in the afternoons and my car just hasn't realized it's not allowed to take me there anymore :) I put the Navigator into park and snapped to it realizing that I was at the gas station to get a, just another reason to stop the pepsi even more!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


ok...what was I thinking?!? I officially gave up pop...or let's say pepsi and dr pepper...on Monday and I am dying tonight!! Why in the world did I ever let something have this much control over me? I'm so mad at myself... and on top of it, I have a head cold with some serious pressure on the back of my I'm DYING! Is it really worth it? Wow, I am dumb... going to bed, doubt it'll help :( Yes, I'm being very negative tonight... I have major issues with caffeine!

Jordan's Christmas Cookie Adventure

Tonight, while making enchiladas as a family, Jordan decided she was going to make cookies from a recipe that was on a kitchen towel that I received as a Christmas present last year...They were Christmas Tree Cookies and they turned out GREAT! She got out all of the ingredients, followed the directions perfectly, rolled and cut them out, baked them and then we all decorated our own... She was so cute trying to get everything measured out proud of her! After we were done, we decided to take some to the Dille's (along with Daisy dressed up as SANTA!) ...Jana is always sharing her delicious homemade chocolate chips cookies with us (we eat every single one by the end of the good!) and so we knew that we should definitely take some to their family :) Once we got home, she was so great at cleaning everything up and could tell she was so happy with herself...what a great night!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


At about 10:45am I left the front door open for 30 seconds or so to let the cat out...I walked away real quick to grab laundry out of the girls' bathroom and came back to find that Daisy (my little chihuahua) had ran out and made it to the end of our driveway... My word to her is, ahhh, so she came running back only to find that the 2 inches of snow on our sidewalks were freezing her feet... she decided about halfway back that it hurt too bad so she just sat down with her feet out of the snow and waited for me to come and get her...hahaha!!!! Of course I went out to get her, while laughing hysterically, and set her down on our tile right inside the front door. Unwillingly able to walk, I scooped her up and took her to her happy place...the space heater that runs year round just for her and now she is in heaven soaking up the heat :) crazy dog!