Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Adventures in Babysitting

Tonight was Bunco night for my friend Jana, so we were excited when she asked us to watch the twins and baby Kaden... Of course Miss Macy made me laugh quite a bit...the best line of the night was when I was watching Monsters, Inc. with her and one of the monsters said "The factory is going down the toilet" and she turned to me and said "That's crazy! the factory is in the toilet!" I laughed out loud on that one.... Brady was so cute as well, that boy sure loves Oreos! It kept him happy... I felt terrible though because she puts the baby down at 8:30 but after about 10 minutes of crying, Randy had to get him out of bed :) the poor thing was sooo tired! Hope he sleeps well and we didn't ruin the baby schedule... we are in teenage mode in our house so we were a bit rusty with the baby lol... it was a great night and can't wait for the next time! We sure do love those kids....


  1. Better get busy and make a baby so you can get more practice! ;o)

  2. oh that was fun to read! they love u so much too. i'm afraid to ask u to watch them though after all the trouble! it was a fun night thanks to you, too bad u couldn't come with me! next time you can and we'll leave them all with randy!!

  3. We are definitely trying Erica :) and Jana, don't you dare be afraid to ask me to watch them...or you will be in so mad at you! It was honestly no trouble at all :) and next time Randy does deserve to have mine and yours for all of the times he has missed! And to say it again...don't you dare not ask me to watch the kids or you will be in BIG trouble missy!