Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Cheer Competition of 2009-2010 Season

Today was officially the first cheer competition of the 2009-2010 season in Hailey, ID... This year, both Kyla and Jordan are cheering for the Magic Valley Eagles Senior squad and were so ready for this day to come... Their only competition for Level 3 was against the Soldier Mountain All-Stars and it sure was interesting... Kyla has known for the last couple of months that her coaches were wanting her to pull a back tuck in her tumbling pass and just about 45 minutes before the comp started, she landed it PERFECTLY! After a long morning of the girls warming up, the competition finally began and I was so excited to see Kyla compete for the first time and to see Jordan do what she is so great at! Their turn eventually came up and their performance was AMAZING...they stuck everything! Jordan stuck every stunt, had the most incredible basket toss and her facial expressions are priceless... Kyla pulled her tuck, got great air, and landed it beautifully... I was so incredibly proud and excited for them and can't wait to see it again! They did end up with second all I have to say is that cheerleading is definitely judged solely by opinion :( (because our girls knocked the socks off the competition!)

On a side note...probably my favorite part of the day is when we returned home, Jordan spent most of the evening cheering in front of us in the living room ;) unfortunately she hurt her knee doing flips onto the couch :( I'm sure she won't be doing again anytime soon!

Turned out to be a great day!

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  1. Sounds so cool! You need PICTURES! :o) Your girls sound very talented. I love watching competitions.